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 Toast, Emmett's ham, egg, chutney and Emmett's free range bacon (W, E) £6.95
 Toast, egg, picante chorizo, tomato and orange (W, E) £6.95
 Toast, egg, tomato, chutney and orange (W, E) £6.95

Suffolk Toasted Sandwich
 Toast, Bungay Bigod Brie and Emmett's Bacon (W, M)  £5.95
 Toast, Bungay Bigod Brie and Emmett's Ham (W, M)  £5.95
 Toast, Bungay Bigod Brie, Lettuce and Tomato (W, M)  £5.95

 (using Havensfield Eggs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (E)  £2.95
 Or add the following ingredients (and cost!) to your omelette:  add
 Emmett's Suffolk Ham  £3.00
 Emmett's Nitrate Free Suffolk Bacon  £3.00
 Spanish Serrano Ham  £2.00
 Spanish Picante Chorizo  £2.00
 Suffolk Farmhouse Cheese (M)  £2.00
 Chargrilled Artichokes  £2.00
 Fresh Tomato  £1.50
 Organic Garlic Cloves  £1.50
 Chilli oil  £1.50


All the food and drinks served in our cafe are available to purchase in the shop to take home!

Bread (W)  
With Freshly chopped tomato with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil/vinegar £2.95
Rubbed with fresh tomato, extra virgin olive oil and Emmett's ham £3.95
Artichoke, Black olive, chilli olive and garlic served with toast £7.95

Organic Iberico Pate
Served with toast and pickles (W) £9.95

Suffolk Ploughmans (W, M) The Real Thing!
Emmett's ham, Suffolk cheese, bread and chutney  
For one  £9.95
For two £16.95

Charcuterie Platter (W)
A selection of our English, Spanish and Italian meats served with pickles, grilled artichoke and chutney  
For one £9.95
For two £16.95

Cheese Platter (W, M)
A selection of cheese served with toast, chutney, dried fig  
For one £9.95
For two £16.95

Just Greens... served with our tasty Spanish oil and vinegar £4.95
Emmett's Salad - Selection of vegetables/fruits/meats served on a bed of greens £11.95