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Mark’s Ham Recipe

If you saw us on Rick Stein you can cook the ham his way or if you have access to Delia Smith’s first Christmas Book you can do it her way. My way is as follows:

Lay a large piece of tin foil onto a baking tray.

Cut in half 4-6 oranges. Squeeze out the juice into a pouring vessel. Cut into small pieces the orange rind and flesh.

Put this onto the silver foil to create a bed of oranges and place your gammon on top.

Pour on the orange juice. Add some good quality prunes (we sell them!) and a good quantity of runny honey over the top.

Cover the gammon completely with foil and place in a hot oven. I have an electric oven and cook my gammon at 180/190 for 20 minutes per lb/45 minutes per kg. If you have a home thermometer the centre of the ham should be 74c for gammons on the bone and 84c for off the bone.

I personally enjoy the cooked ham cold. If this is for you leave covered in the foil and juice until the following day.