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Smoked cheddar and ham risotto

Gary Fenn came to Peasenhall in August and went home to make full use of Emmett’s ingredients. You can find the recipe for smoked cheddar and ham risotto on his roast potato blog. Read what Gary has to say about Emmett’s.

“It’s a beautiful shop, bowling you over straight away with a tasting table where you can sample some of their bestsellers. Then you can peruse their pickled veg, the usual suspects of olives, chillis and artichokes. Then on to the confectioneries, where you can browse the chocolate-covered ginger, huge shards of chocolate studded with hazelnuts and many more. Then there’s the glory: the cold meats counter. They smoke and cure their own meats onsite and take an awful lot of pride in their work. Something I went back for a couple of times was their Suffolk Black ham, all treacley and rich with a powerful cure flavour. Absolutely divine and worth a detour for. To take home with me I grabbed a couple of things: smoked Montgomery cheddar and ham offcuts. Contrary to the picture you get a great chunk of leftover bacon for just £1. So good.”

Why don’t you stop and see us next time you are in Suffolk – or even make a special trip! And remember, you can find our own recipes here.

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